The Closet or the First Mistake

Author:  Emma Rose Borsakowski

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, before we had a planet, before there was a galaxy, there lived a race of perfect beings.  They lived not on land, but floating around.  Because back then, the universe was not full of things, and stars and rocks and planets and discord and chaos as it is now, but each object had a place, on a shelf, locked behind a door, in the corner of the universe.  And in the center of the corner of the universe, there was the home of the race of the perfect people.

These perfect people, Freppecks, looked like giant humans.  They used human tools, ate human foods, and in every way but one, they were giant humans but the only difference was that Freppecks, never made mistakes.  They always said the right thing, made the right choices, and never were clumsy.  Life was nice, but boring.

One Monday, a little girl, maybe three or four, woke up in the middle of the night scared from a nightmare.  She ran to get her mother who hugged her and told the little girl that she would be all right.  She got the girl a glass of warm milk, but when the girl took the cup, still trembling from her nightmare, the girl dropped it and spilled milk…….

For a second there was complete silence as the girl and the mother stared at the cup on the floor.  No one had ever dropped anything before this.


It was the first mistake, and the sheer energy of it blew open the door that locked all of the objects in the corner of the universe.

Out came stars, asteroids, planets and every sort of amazing thing filling the empty space.  And, in honor of the first mistake, when that child was the first one to mess up, the first one to do something a little out of place, the first one to spill milk, we, homo sapiens named our galaxy the Milky Way.

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