Giraffe Story: How the Sun was Formed

Authors: Isabel C, Manveer C, Solu O and Tatiana C.

When the world was not as we know it, there was no day, only night.  And there was no
sun, only stars.  In an African village, there were two very curious children.  They were the only ones ever to go outside their homes.  One day, the children went out to explore the savannah.  They realized that the world needed more light and off they went.

Child: What’s the tallest thing you know?

Child 2: A giraffe!

Child: Let’s climb its neck!  Hello, Giraffe.

Giraffe: Hello, Children!

Child: You wouldn’t mind us climbing up your neck, would you?

Giraffe: Not at all.

The 2 children planned to ask a star to help them.

Star: Hello, children!

Child: Could you please let there be more light?

Star: I’ll try.

The star got millions of star friends and they all joined together to make a huge fireball.  That night the village went to sleep.  When they woke up, they saw a beautiful light.  Sunrise.  Rising from the grey hills like a great fire, it topped the horizon and sat contentedly in its place in the glistening blue sky.

Village Voices: Hoorah!

Yes, there is a giraffe constellation.  Its called Camelopardalis.  You can find more information at:

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