A Love Story or Phases of the Moon

Author: Sabrina Bradford

Listen.  Listen past the noise of the busy modern world. of the honking cars and flashing lights.  Listen for the voice that sings with pure sadness and a wish for freedom.  I’m going to tell you a love story, a love story that has a happy beginning but a bittersweet end, a love story unlike no other.

A long long time ago, very long ago, in fact, much farther back than anyone can remember, there was a time when humans and the gods coexisted in the world.  There was Rain, a virtuous goddess that loved the people.  There was Dawn who awakened the laborers every morning with her crimson light.  And there was Sun, an ogre, and that is an understatement.

He hated humans.  He hated the very sight or smell of them. Every day he crossed the sky with his dazzling, blinding rays.  He was angry and bitter.

Sun lived with his mother and she knew that after his trek across the sky she would have to calm him down with a nice portion of roast lamb.  His mother was a sweet, kind, gentle woman.  She listened to the complaints of the people who told her of her son’s wickedness.  She tried her best to curb her son’s violent temper, but with no avail.

Her name was Dusk and she would always drag her son home at the end of the day if he pitched one of his violent fits of anger to the humans below him.  Dusk would often disguise herself as a laborer and come down from the sky and listen to the people and give them advice about how to please her son and what was a good time for a harvest.  She would counsel children and give good advice to all people, rich or poor.  Her son never knew.

He was too sullen and moody to notice where his mother went when he was not home.  One day, on one of these excursions, Dusk was walking along the banks of a stream when she saw a basket through the clumps of the tall reeds.  Curious, for even the gods have their temptations, she waded into the stream and picked up the basket.  Inside, wrapped tightly in cotton white blankets, there was a baby girl.  Her face was tanned and her mouth was a perfect rosy pink.  Her cheeks were round.  Her hair was raven black  and her eyes, her eyes….They were a color that Dusk had never seen.  They were a misty silver, not a cloudy, muddy color, but a sharp and defined silver, the color of vapor before it dissolves into the air.

Dusk sat down on the bank of the river and took the girl out of the basket.  The child smiled showing a set of pearly white teeth.  Dusk tickled her and the child laughed.  Alas!  It sounded like the silver bells that the goddess Dawn carried around with her.

” I will take this child home with me.  It seems like no one wants her, but I do” Dusk thought to herself.  So she picked up the child and took her home to the house of the Sun in which she lived.  Once home, Dusk cooked the meal and kept a watchful eye on the baby girl. She seemed curious in everything, never crying or whining.  Dusk was just heating up the food when she heard the heavy tread of her son’s boots.

The girl!  What would he say?  What would he do to her?  Quickly Dusk seized the child and her blankets, and packed her away in a dark cupboard.  Just in time too, as her son stepped in the moment after she had locked the cabinet.

“Hello, dear”

“Hello, Mother”

“Did you have a nice day?”

“Terrible,” her son said, finishing the conversation.

“Well, then”

Dusk poured out the soup and cut a big portion for her son.  She sat down nervously while he ate, ringing her hands in her lap.

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