Where do we and all that’s in the universe come from?

Who are we? Where are we going? What is the right thing to do?

Sky stories, also known as sky lore, have always been a part of the human story.

We all look up at the same sky, the same stars, moon and sun.  Sometimes our stories are similar, but often they are very different.

Giraffe ‘n’ Ant Productions empowers youth of all ages to rediscover their place in the universe during a time when the night sky is more a shroud than a sparkling crown.

Oral narrative is a great medium as it can use all eight of our intelligences – verbal, logical, natural, visual, musical, bodily, intrapersonal and interpersonal – to tell a story and also, with our vivid imaginations, to listen to one.

As Giraffe ‘n’ Ant Productions expands like the universe, we will bring more voices to museums, planetariums, science centers, and aeronautics organizations as well as to schools, colleges and town centers to bridge the divide between the arts and the sciences, the right and the left sides of the brain, the heart and the mind.

The Overview: Beyond Borders

What’s it really feel like to see Earth from space? Listen as children narrate the quotes of astronauts and cosmonauts as they leave Earth, see her from space, and return. What effect does it have on them? What would it have on you?

Perhaps this film will give you a glimpse into the inner space of outer space.

My goal is to inspire and facilitate more films and other works of art by middle school and other students so that more people can envision for themselves what it’s like and why it’s important not just for space exploration but also to increase the compassion and empathy we need to deal with the disruptive effects of climate change on humanity.

“I see Earth. It’s so beautiful!” exclaimed Yuri Gagarin during the first Earth orbit.

That’s awe.

Upon return, he begged us not to destroy her.

That’s compassion.

There was no GoPro to capture Earth’s beauty, no EEG to record his brain, no iPad to journal in and no education by internet.

Now when we ask astronauts “What’s it like?” to gaze at Earth, they can answer from a new perspective. Livestream their EEGs from the cupola and ignite imaginations worldwide with the wonder of neuroscience in space. In return we’ll STEAM up the cupola with awe-inspired, compassionate stories.

That’s epic!

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I’m a StarryTeller – Planetarium Program

I’m a StarryTeller™ , our first planetarium show premiered at the Einstein Planetarium at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC on April 10, 2010.  It could only have appeared on our planet thanks to the creativity of students from local schools, that is, yourchildren and neighbors.  They had only had a few days, and in some cases, a few minutes, to create a story and record it.

Our new and emerging young StarryTellers™ answered their own personal yet timeless astronomical questions using their understanding of contemporary science and their boundless imagination through poetry, storytelling, rap and prose.   Students from Parkland Magnet MS for Aerospace Technology, MD; British School of Washington, DC; Alice Deal MS, DC; and Takoma Park MS, MD revealed their creative perspectives.   As planetarium stars rotatee overhead, the young authors relaxed with their parents and friends into the trance of their inspiring stories set to music and enhanced by sound design

That’s MY Astronaut: Space Tourist is the New Higher Education

Feeling claustrophobic on the quad? Is your online course leading you off course? Did your last internship fail to launch your dream? Is the view outside your dorm less than breathtaking? Do you want something more but you haven’t put your finger on it yet? OMG, is it time to change majors again?

Perhaps you need a new perspective.

Rewire your brain.

Experience the Overview Effect.

The best way to do that is to get moving, get up high and float into a whole new culture.

Get moving at 4000mph. Supersonic. That’s 30x speedier than the fastest rollercoaster. And that’s UP! Not down.

Over 100km UP! I’m here to help so I’ll do the math. That’s more than 62 miles UP. That’s 10x higher than the cruising altitude of your last plane ride to Spring Break.

Float in the culture of Space in Zero G. It beats jumping on your dorm bed.

I understand your objection. Really, I do. How could you come up with the price of the ticket? $95K for XCOR? Much less $250K for Virgin Galactic. Well, I started a business helping international travelers when I was 22 years old with $3K from an investor who is now an angel, my Mom. I had no idea what it would take or give to my life. But, I did it anyway.

It was a B2B company that helped international businesspersons. It was hard. A roller coaster. But resources and people come your way when you lead with your heart and nurture your dream. Twenty-nine years later, I sold it. I decided pursue another dream. Getting people beyond borders — physically and mentally.

Thanks to visionaries like Branson, Garriott, and Greason, there’s a new game to play. Thanks to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there’s a new way to fund your new ‘Higher Education.’

Join That’s MY Astronaut in creating a campuswide, nationwide and worldwide effort to get as many students into space. Why? To see Earth from Space and Earth in Space. To see her beauty and fragility. To see her as home to all of us. To see how she might inform and enhance your life choices? To rewire your brains.

If enough people like you in business, the sciences, the arts and more communicate the “overview effect” could we solve Earth’s problems in ways like never before? If you can, WE can. The whole Earth can.